Sunday, 17 September 2017

Week 9, Term 3

Kia ora koutou,

This week we will keep as close as we can to our usual programme.

Last week, we had Mrs Palmer in the share a legend with us. We will retell this in our writing this week.

Preparations for the cultural festival will begin for some students. The students performing will work with Mrs Rhodes on this. Please take careful note of details for tickets in the upcoming newsletter.

This Friday there will be a mufti-day. Please bring a can of food for the Salvation Army food bank.

Have a great week.


Saturday, 9 September 2017

Week 8, Term 3

Kia ora koutou,

My apologies, I realised on Wednesday that I had completely forgotten the blog!

This week among other things for Te Wiki o te Reo, we have started learning the song, E Papa Waiari to sing while using te rakau. Maybe by Friday morning we'll have something performance worthy - I'll keep you posted with a quick email Thursday night.

In maths we are focusing on reading problems, identifying the operation we need to solve it and using basic facts to five or ten or twenty to help us solve it.

We continue to identify the parts of a story in our writing. With a strong link to our big book and reading in general.

Following on from the theme of 'kindness' in Week 6 we read a big book and poem last week with the theme of happiness spreading happiness/smiles being 'infectious'. Check out our quick Friday art work:

A day to celebrate books and reading is planned for Wednesday (see also, this week's newsletter) with various activities happening during the day. One of the events planned is a raffle - please send a photo of your child reading with their name and room number to These will be displayed on the outside of the library and there will be ten winners to choose a book prize.

Bikes are planned for Thursday, weather permitting.

Library will be afterwards as usual.

Assembly, 2.20 on Friday, is hosted by Team Shearer this week.

Further to the the Performing Arts and Cultural Festival information on the newsletter - Our Year 2's will be performing a song from our production. Participating will be optional -

We will seek your permission, as it is quite involved with the two performances on the day. The performance is scheduled in the early part of the show, so if you have seen the matinee, you will be able to take your children home after they have performed in the evening.

VLC Franks is otherwise preparing artwork to decorate the hall. 

Your children may be involved in other performances with their Passion Friday group.

Ka kite!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Week 6, Term 3

Kia ora everyone!

Welcome to Week 6.

I hope you enjoyed the Cross Country. I had both hats on, being a teacher and a parent and I thought it was fantastic. The college won't know themselves, if we keep this up - a culture of happy fun-runners coming through!

In the classroom this week you can find our rocks all finished and ready for use during our silent, sustained work times. You can also see an almost-finished collection of "Three Little Pigs" stories. This will hopefully get more and more colourful as the week progresses!

This week ends in Random Acts of Kindness Day. It seems a good time to get started on an idea that has been formulating at the back of my mind for a while. We are going to make kindness bracelets. The students will nominate each other for an act of kindness they have witnessed or received. The student who was kind or helpful will choose a bead to put on an elastic that will build into a bracelet. (If you have any beads at home, that you could donate to this project, that would be wonderful!) This project will go beyond this week, until everyone has a bracelet.

Marble jars will continue as usual.

We will have a monster theme for our reading and writing (kind monsters 😉) We will make monster pictures using shapes that represent data about our family (little bit of maths). This monster will become the character in the narrative that we will write - we are learning about stories having characters, a setting and a problem with a resolution.

Spelling will focus on the 'w'/'wh' sound. I have found the revision lists from the week before....sorry there was a blooper there! They will be in the yellow books this week with the one 'qu' word from the Essential Spelling lists (quiet).

Should be a good week! The rain will stop promptly - I am an optimist!!

Take care,


Sunday, 20 August 2017

Term 3, Cross Country Week

Kia ora everyone,

Welcome to Cross Country week. It's going to be a good traditional one with......mud! Lots of mud! Unless there is an awful lot of sun this week. You never know, it could happen. 🌞

There are two more training runs - on Monday and Wednesday at 1.30. The actual run will be held at Edith Hopper on Thursday from 1 - 2 pm. Thursday is an event only for our Year 1 and 2 students. 🏃

A reminder that interviews are on Tuesday evening. School finishes at 12.30 on this day. I look forward to seeing you.

This week, we will getting down to some writing; re telling the story of the Three Little Pigs in a interesting way.

We'll study a completely new sound 'qu' and practice writing for ourselves, the contractions that we looked closely during reading, last week.

Fractions continue in Maths alongside our various number knowledge studies.

Maths Week estimating was fun last week! Congratulations to Kaitlin who was a winner in the Estimation Station draw! 🎉

One of our own estimations was linked to our Inquiry of movement of people. We read a book called "The Journey" and then we estimated how long it would take us to go around the bike track - sticking absolutely together like a family on an overland journey. We held onto skipping ropes and put our injured and not so well people at the front. We all agreed it felt like AGES and we were thirsty and had various aches and pains!! In fact it was only 14 minutes. 😆

Finally, just an initial heads up that there will be a Cultural Festival held on Thursday evening of Week 10. Our VLC is preparing art work for display and it is likely that our Year 2 students will perform an excerpt from our production. I will keep you posted as details become available.

Have a great week.

Kind regards,


Sunday, 13 August 2017

Term 3, Week 4

Kia ora koutou,

We won't know ourselves, with a relatively quiet week, this week.

It's Maths Week ( with a school-wide theme of learning all about estimating. We had a look at this concept on Friday in preparation. Kevin will be in to see our VLC on Monday. We have a special challenge for him to complete and we will all try to estimate his results. Each day we'll set a challenge like this and the two students closest to the correct answer go into a draw for a prize to be drawn at Friday's assembly.

Our Reading and Writing will have a theme of fairy stories. We will identify the key aspects of a narrative, practice retelling and rewriting a traditional tale for ourselves.

We'll be back to having our spelling words in the yellow books this week and the oral language (aka 'news') timetable will kick in too.

Our inquiry, looking at movement of people, continues. Look out for the frieze that we created on Friday of the view from Gulf Harbour. This will go up in the space between B3 and B4. Just as soon as Baylee and I work out how to levitate up to the intended display space...

Cross Country
Please send spare clothes for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Official practice times are Monday and Wednesday directly after lunch. If Monday is cancelled we'll go out for a run ourselves on Tuesday, round the bike track.

There is the opportunity for you and your child to come in and check-in with me next week on Tuesday, August 22nd. There will be appointment times from 1.15 - 7.30 pm. Each appointment will be 12 minutes long. School will be closing that day at 12.30

Please look out for a school email with links to the booking website.

Have a great week!

Kind regards,


Road Trip Photos:

Inquiry Work - rendering the view from Shakespeare:

Receiving our fruit drop from More FM:
Thanks to the person who put B4 in the draw!!

Sunday, 6 August 2017



There's a Sunflower in My Supper!

Wednesday at 1.45 pm
Thursday at 9.45 am

See you there!

We will have some lovely bugs and bees art work completed by the choir and band on display. Thank you to Liz and Danielle for assembling this so beautifully for us.


Kia ora everyone,

We begin the week with our road trip looking at how people originally moved to our area and how the movement of people is causing great and visible change in our area today.

We all need to bring a packed morning tea and lunch, a drink bottle and a rain coat.

B4 is on the first bus with B8. We leave at 9.30 and will be back by 2.30 pm.

We will be trying to keep up with our reading in this disrupted week.  Our big book is called "Monster's Lunch" We will do lots of thinking, talking and writing about sandwiches and their construction.

In Maths, (every other minute we can grab) we will follow up on telling the time from last week. We'll be looking at our TV guides that we made on Friday. We'll also take the time to hone our basic facts, adding and subtracting to 10 or 20.

There will be lots of follow up on our road trip on Friday.

Just to keep you informed, I will be out on Tuesday at a maths meeting, presenting a report. (Nervous!) On this day, there will be lots of rehearsing for the production.

Have a great week!

Kind regards,


Here are our lego constructions from this week:

Monday, 31 July 2017

Term 3, Week 2

Hi everyone,

I usually write these posts Sunday evening - I regret not doing that this week. Never leave till tomorrow what you can do today!! 😔

I know that Barbara let you know about Kate. This growing up lark is tough! She is home now and fine. When I arrived at the college she looked awful and her (very, very lovely teacher) was not much better. We still have no answers but it is all being moved along quite fast so we are grateful for that.

This week in B4 is all about the Production and Cross Country practice.

The production is really taking shape now - don't miss it next week!

Last week, reading groups read twice each with me. I am expecting to be able to do about the same this week. Today, many students will have taken home their poetry folder. This is great for reading practice too. Please hang on to it until Thursday so you have something to use for reading together, if need be.

We begin our morning with as much maths as I can squash in - counting in 5's and linking to the 5 times table last week and looking at the make up of 3 digit numbers and the role of zero as a place holder because we have passed the 100 mark for our days at school.

Writing will be based on our big book. We will write about places where we like to relax (dilly-dally like Mrs O'Malley in Alligator Alley) and saying why.

Can you please send in items for the production costumes in a named bag as soon as possible?

Cross Country is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and a change of clothes is recommended. 

Here is a photo that I promised our class lego builders I would include in this week's blog :-)

Have a great week!

Kind regards,